Sr. High

Sr. High at St. Martin’s is an opportunity for high schoolers to learn more deeply about what it means to grow in faith, and love God! The Sr. High Youth program is developed on the philosophy of looking to God to be a better leader in service, your community and the world!

Join us for discussions, fellowship, & service Sundays at 10 am! We meet in room 150 downstairs.

Summer Trip 2019

On our trip to California, I learned about how much community is a part of faith. I love having one on one time with God, but at the same time I learned and grew the most in our devos we had as a group. The devos were fun, but we still talked and learned about God in multiple different ways.

-Evan Felger (Senior High Youth)

During our trip, being able to personally see how giving back to the Bay Area community positively impacted others makes me want to go out more to help people in my own community. I also got to meet new people and build great relationships with other youth from across the country.


-Lauren Deardorf (Senior High Youth)