Holden Village Trip Information

Holden Village Trip Information

Join the St. Martin’s community this summer on a trip to Holden Village – a Lutheran retreat center and intentional community located in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State. St. Martin’s will be attending the summer programming at Holden from Saturday August 12th until Saturday August 19th (days in the village are Sunday, August 13th through Friday, August 18th). Pr. Ellen Williams will be a part of the trip, and as a first time guest to Holden, is excited to be on this journey with you. Our wonderful music team – Austin Haller, Katherine Altobello O’Brien, and Tim O’Brien – will be the guest musicians for that week! Vicar Cecie Suknaic Saulnier will be leading a class during this week, and traveling with her family (this is after Vicar Cecie’s internship ends with the church, but she will be glad to see folks from St. Martin’s and share her love of Holden with the community). For information about getting to the village, cost, registration, etc., see below! 

Registration, Cost, and Getting to Holden

SMLC will be registering to go on this trip as a group. The total cost, including travel, is $1,500. More information about the specifics of cost and payment will be communicated as time gets closer. 

Getting to Holden Village is a trek, but quite an exciting one. As a remote, mountain community (and former mining town) it takes a variety of transportation methods to get there. For us coming from Austin, getting to the Village will take two days – the first is getting to where we need to be to catch the boat, and the second will be the boat up the lake and a bus up the mountain. We are planning to fly from Austin to Seattle, then bus into Chelan, Washington. This is where we will board the boat to ride 50 miles up the lake, dock, and get on a bus to travel up the mountain to the Village. 

Visit the Holden Village website