Salvation Army Angel Tree

St. Martin’s has partnered with The Salvation Army this holiday season to provide gifts directly to children in need of assistance. Known as the Angel Tree Christmas Assistance Program, The Salvation Army works with organizations, and individuals to adopt Angels annually.

How does it work?

Angels will be ready for adoption on November 19th in the St. Martin’s Coffee Place. Each Angel has a child’s name and a list of wished for toys and needed clothing, including sizes.

How can you participate?

  • Choose an Angel tag from the tree. Each tag has a name, list of items and sizes and a number.
  • Locate the Angel, using the number, on the printed excel sheet. Sign your name and the date you chose your Angel. You will also be given a mesh bag to place your unwrapped gifts inside.
  • Shop for your Angel. Each child should receive 2 clothing items and 2 toys.(shoes are a really big deal)
  • Place your unwrapped gifts in the mesh bag. Attach the bar code from the bottom of the Angel tag to the manila tag that is attached to the mesh bag. Return the filled mesh bag to St. Martin’s by Sunday, Dec. 3