Contemplative Worship

Message from Rev. Travis Fitzgold

Hello friends,

Thanks to those of you who have participated in contemplative worship at St. Martin’s over the past several weeks! It’s been a gift to share this meaningful space and time together. 

Participants have experienced several great things at contemplative worship:

  • genuine welcome
  • a well-prepared space and structure
  • clear focus on heart and meaning
  • highly competent facilitation
  • harmonious musical attunement rather than ego performance

Read about Mary’s “New Forest,” and how contemplative prayer has helped her find God’s presence all around.

Contemplative Worship at St. Martin’s continues to impact those attending

Gena attended contemplative worship at St. Martin’s recently after receiving a personal invitation. She found a community that helped her practice remaining quiet and still. “I find that practicing with others, like our experience at St. Martin’s, helps me remember,” Gena reflected, “that even when I’m alone, I’m never really alone. I’m connected to other lovely humans who are also practicing connecting with their bodies and spirits in this meaningful way. That helps me remain committed to the practice between gatherings.”

Read Gena’s testimony “Never Really Alone”

You, too, can join this faith community as we practice being still together in the loving presence of God! St. Martin’s gathers for contemplative worship every Saturday at 5 PM in the chapel (606 W 15th St., Austin, TX 78701; enter along 15th St.) and via St. Martin’s YouTube channel. Remember, like Gena, that you are never really alone.

St. Martin’s contemplative worship on Saturdays at 5 PM is in a trial period through the end of 2023,
after which it will be assessed and evaluated. If the impact stories call to you or someone you know, please join in and spread the word. With enough participation and impact, contemplative worship at St. Martin’s can continue into the new year leading to many deep encounters between God’s people and the forest of spiritual life that always surrounds us.

I look forward to it,

Rev. Travis Fitzgold