Our Leadership

Shaping Young Minds

Our Leadership

Calla Woodall

Preschool Director

Calla began working at St. Martin’s Lutheran Preschool in the spring of 2012. She has taken on many of the roles with in the school, and is very proud to take the reigns as the Director.

Calla has lived in Austin since 2005, where she enjoys live music and spending time with her family. She has a thirteen year old Shih Tzu named Benny which keeps her pretty busy.

Calla is looking forward to many more years at St. Martin’s, helping shape young minds and encouraging teachers from all walks of life.

(512)476-4037 ext. 1000

Alexis Redondo

Assistant Preschool Director

Alexis has been a part of the St. Martin’s Lutheran Preschool community since January 2011. In her time at St. Martin’s, she has has worked in the classroom, as support staff and now in an Administration role alongside Calla for their eighth school year. With 12 years in the education profession, including special education, she offers support to teachers, students and parents alike.

Alexis is a native Texan and has lived in the Austin area since 2003. Alexis enjoys spending her free time with her husband Vince and their two Australian Shepards, Lucy and Ellie.

(512)476-4037 ext. 1001